CNX Automatic Sediment Removal Filters


CLINO-X Automatic Sediment Filters

System features:

  • Fully automatic operation
  • Choice of control valves, timer or volumetric types
  • Unfiltered water bypass or no-unfiltered water bypass.
  • Optional non-electric automatic controller
  • FRP media vessel pressure rated to 1050kPa
  • Longer filtration runs, less frequent backwashing
  • Filtration efficiency in 3-5 micron size range
  • Service flow 610lpm/m² (15gpm/ft2) in pressure systems
  • Combined physical filtration, surface adsorption and chemical capture processes

Clino-X filters use a processed and graded mineral zeolite filtration media for sediment removal above a nominal 5 microns.  Clino-X tri-phase media has a high suspended solids loading capacity (up to 1.5 times conventional multi-media and 2.8 times that of conventional sand filters) to extend periods between backwash cycles and reduce water consumption.  Clino-X has an additional capacity for ion-exchange to remove a range of contaminants including ammonia, iron, manganese, copper, nitrate, arsenic, arsenic and free chlorine.  Total ion-exchange capacity is 30,000ppm per kilo of media and the media may be regenerated with a brine solution.

Trapped particles are removed from the media bed by periodically reversing the water flow through the system.  This periodic backwash is initiated by the control valve and frequency is selected by the user to suit the feedwater type and volume of water being used.  Optional Magnum, Fleck or NE non-electric control valves are available for control of backwash cycle initiation based on elapsed time, total volume, differential pressure or external contact closure triggers.

Model Volume Service Flow Rate Backwash Flow Rate *Standard


In/Out Thread Dimensions
CNX-1054 35.5 litres 24-41lpm 31-41lpm WS1-EI 20 mm 250 x 1400 mm
CNX-1354 63.5 litres 41-69lpm 52-69lpm WS1-EI 20-25 mm 330 x 1370 mm
CNX-1465 85 litres 48-80lpm 60-80lpm WS1-EI 25 mm 360 x 1650 mm
CNX-1665 99 litres 63-105lpm 78-105lpm 263/742: 150/742 25-40mm 410 x 1650 mm
CNX-1865 150 litres 80 lpm 81 lpm 2850FT/NE 40mm 460 x 1650 mm
CNX-2162 170 litres 108-180lpm 135-180lpm 2850FT/NE 40 mm 530 x 1580 mm
CNX-2472 226.5 litres 141-236lpm 176-236lpm 2850FT/NE 40 mm 610 x 1850 mm
CNX-3672 523.5 litres 318-530lpm 396-530lpm 170/NE 50 mm 920 x 1830 mm
CNX-4272 764 litres 433-721lpm 539-721lpm 170/NE 80mm 1219 x 1830mm


Pressure drop through the filter will occur according to pipe diameters used on installation, typical flow rate and sediment loading on the media through use.  An integrated three-valve bypass assembly is recommended for all installations to allow the system to be isolated should this be necessary.  Inlet and outlet pressure gauges will also assist with system performance monitoring.

Clino-X is a unique tri-phase media based on a rare naturally occurring mineral that has been extensively refined and graded.  The unique properties of Clino-X allow it to radically alter the performance and operational costs of media filtration by combining physical filtration, surface adsorption and chemical capture processes.  The hardness, stability and micro-porous character of Clino-X make it a perfect filtration media for applications in the water and wastewater treatment industry.  Unique ion-exchange capabilities extend applications beyond sediment removal to provide additional capability to existing water treatment infrastructure

Filtration Performance

There is an increasing demand for media with higher efficiency in the removal of suspended solids and colloids from feedwaters.  The ability of filtration media to remove other contaminants including heavy metals and other toxic substances, bacteria and parasites is also advantageous.  Conventional sand filter systems do not remove such contaminants.

The filtration abilities of Clino-X offer a versatile and eco-sensitive option to remove such contaminants found in water systems.  Clino-X media can perform these functions due to their high ion exchange capacity, adsorption-desorption energies and ability to modification.

Clino-X can remove ammonium (NH4+) and metal cations Pb+2, Cu+2, Cd+2, Zn+2, Co+2, Cr+2, Mn+2 and Fe+2/+3 from solutions with the recovery of ammonium and some metals as high as 97%



RO Pre-treatment, Cooling Towers

Municipal Water Treatment

Wastewater and Car Wash Recycling

Metal Finishing-

Irrigation, Horticulture and Hydroponics

Aquarium and Aquaculture

Bore Water Filtration

CLINO-X – Superior filtration media

Physical Characteristics

COLOR Dark Green
BULK DENSITY 55 lbs. per cu. ft.

Operational Requirements

SERVICE FLOW RATE 12 – 20 GPM/sq. ft.
BACKWASH FLOW RATE 12 – 16 GPM/sq. ft.
  Allow bed to soak overnight before initial backwash.


CLINO-X vs. conventional filter media

NOMINAL                LOADING

MEDIA                                                                                         MICRON RATING                   CAPACITY

Sand 20 1.0 x
Sand and Anthracite 15 1.4 x
Multimedia 12 1.6 x
CLINO-X <5 2.8 x


Features and Benefits

  • High suspended solids loading capacity
  • Superior filtration performance
  • Reduced backwash frequency
  • Removal of solids to 5 microns
  • Reduced pressure drop
  • Higher flow rates
  • Ligh weight media, lower shipping costs
  • Easy to handle



CLINO-X Ion Exchange Performance Chart

Exchange Capacity: 30,000 mg/l for every 1KG of media
Contaminant Removal – tested at water hardness of 200 mg/l
Colour : 58%                       Turbidity : 95%                     Total Hardness : 62%      Fluorine : 32%
Zinc:  88%            Ammonia : 99%                  Iron : 99%                                                   Manganese : 92%
Copper : 70%      Phosphorus:  55%  Cyanide : 62%                Nitrate : 14%
Haloforms : 55%    Chloride:  11%          Arsenic : 30%                  Lead : 98%
Mercury : 28%      Cadmium : 92%       Molybdenum : 70%         Nickel : 25%
Free Chlorine : 96%    Volatile Phenols:  85%

Contaminant removal efficiency may be affected if total hardness >200ppm

When CLINO-X has reached the limit of contaminant removal, it may be regenerated with a 30% sodium chloride solution in the same way that conventional water softeners are regenerated.  CLINO-X is soaked in the saturated brine solution for 2 hours before rinsing and putting back into service.  Regeneration is only required when the filter is designed for ion exchange purpose. If the filter is only used for turbidity removal, periodic backwashing will restore media performance.

Automatic CNX Filter-Valve Options

Standard media pressure vessels used for filtration systems have 2.5”, 4” or 6” top openings for installation of flow control heads and pipework.  Flow control valves may be manual or automatic, electrical or non-electric, and functions may be initiated through a simple timer, volume of water treated, or an external contact closure from a PLC, differential pressure monitor or contact closure.  Choose the flow control valve and controller according to the application, required flow rates, mode of operation and FRP tank size.  Some valve types are shown here and details on additional valves to suit particular applications are available by request.

CLACK WS1CI integrated flow control valve and controller

The WS1CI 6-cycle valves are simple, easy to use timer actuated 1” softener control valves for 6” to 21” diameter FRP tanks with 2.5”-8 NPSM FRP openings.  These versatile valves are primarily designed for commercial applications requiring flow rates up to 102lpm at 103kPa pressure drop.   The valve uses a 1.05” riser tube and comes with an upper bayonet type screen.  Standard supply includes a bypass assembly as standard to simplify service requirements.

NOTE: The WS1CI valve has untreated water bypass during regeneration

263 Performa Valve – 400 Series

The 263 Performa model is an automatic 3-cycle 1” Filter valve designed for larger residential and light commercial applications with higher service flow rates to 95 LPM at 103kpa drop and backwash flow rate of 76 LPM at 170kpa drop.  The Performa valves are supplied complete with a 400 or 900 Series Control with transformer and have four external ports that allow the valves to be configured to suit most applications.

NOTE:                The 263 valve has untreated water bypass during regeneration.


AUTOTROL 150 Series – Logix 700 Series flow control valve and controller

The 150/153-316 Stainless Steel valve is a 1.5”, 3-cycle filter valve designed for commercial and industrial applications with flow rates to 216lpm @ 103kPa pressure drop.  The valve is 316 grade stainless steel, piston operated and is available in top or side mount formats.

NOTE: The 255 valve has untreated water bypass during regeneration


AUTOTROL 293 MAGNUM Cv Series – Logix 700 Series flow control valve and controller

The Magnum Cv is a 1.5” flow control valve is moulded from Noryl available with an external flow metering turbine.  Used for commercial and industrial applications, the valve provides for flow rates up to 285lpm @ 103kPa pressure drop.  All options are ordered separately.  Filter application order backwash flow control separately.

OPTIONS:  2” PVC solvent weld or 2” BSP Stainless Steel adaptor kit

NOTE: The Magnum valves can be supplied with or without untreated water bypass during regeneration


Autotrol Valve Controller Types

Logix 742 Time Clock controller for 255/293 series flow control valves

This simple time clock control provides the option of a selected day of week regeneration or can be programmed from ½ a day up to 99-days regeneration frequency setting.  The 742 has an adjustable backwash between 0 to 200 minutes and purge between 0 to 200 minutes.  This control includes a remote regeneration input signal as a standard option allowing for a dry contact signal. 

Logix 762 Time Clock controller for 255/293 series flow control valves

This simple, economy electronic demand (volumetric) control initiates a regeneration cycle based on the volume of water treated.  Programming is simple and incorporating a 28-day variable reserve feature with the ability to regenerate immediately once a volume of water is treated.  The 762 has an adjustable backwash between 0 to 200 minutes and purge between 0 to 200 minutes.  Features include a calendar override that can be set to regenerate between ½ and 99 days.