Chemical Dosing Systems-Etatron DLX series


DLX and DLXB series chemical dosing pumps

DLX series chemical dosing pumps offer a wide choice of models to suit most applications.  Models run from a base manual version through to integral pH/ORP/Chlorine dosing systems with options of ON/OFF or proportional control with hysteresis and delay functions.

DLX pumps include a HRS (High Rating System) feature providing flexibility for operators to select pressure and flow rates.  An example of this flexibility is with the standard 5lph @ 7Bar pump having flexibility to deliver between 4lph @ 10Bar and 24lph @ 1Bar

Common features

  • Wall mount (DLX) or foot mount (DLXB) versions
  • Plastic casing rated to IP65
  • Manual air-bleed pump head
  • Level control input (with optional probe) in -/M series (DLX-MA-AL xx-xx series)
  • Standard power 220-240VAC 50.60Hz, optional 12VDC & 24VDC
  • Wetted surfaces:
    • Pump head
    • PP (polypropylene)
    • Diaphragm
    • PTFE
    • Lip Valves
    • Viton or EPDM
    • Injection Valve
    • PP-Viton or PP-EPDM


Pump Types




Typical Installations